Contextual help is available by pressing the F1 key You can do it while hovering a menu icon, or while a window is open. When a keyboard shortcut is displayed it's your current configuration and you can change it by clicking it. This help is also available on the web :


Scroll visible area up: Up down: Down left: Left right: Right up faster: Shift+Up down faster: Shift+Down left faster: Shift+Left right faster: Shift+Right up slower: Alt+Up down slower: Alt+Down left slower: Alt+Left right slower: Alt+Right Mouse pan: ' ' Emulate mouse Up: Ctl+Up Down: Ctl+Down Left: Ctl+Left Right: Ctl+Right Left click: Ctl+' ' Right click: Shift+' ' Show / Hide menu: F10 Show / Hide cursor: F9 Paintbrush = ".": Del Paintbrush choice: F4 Monochrome brush: Shift+F4 Freehand drawing: 'D' Switch freehand drawing mode: Shift+'D' Continuous freehand drawing: Ctl+'D' Line: 'L' Knotted lines: Shift+'L' Spray: 'A' Spray menu: Shift+'A' Floodfill: 'F' Replace color: Shift+'F' Bezier's curves: 'I' Bezier's curve with 3 or 4 points Shift+'I' Empty rectangle: 'R' Filled rectangle: Shift+'R' Empty circle: 'C' Empty ellipse: Ctl+'C' Filled circle: Shift+'C' Filled ellipse: Ctl+Shift+'C' Empty polygon: 'N' Empty polyform: Ctl+'N' Polyfill: Shift+'N' Filled polyform: Ctl+Shift+'N' Gradient rectangle: Alt+'R' Gradation menu: Alt+'G' Toggle color cycling:Ctl+'`' Spheres: Alt+'C' Gradient ellipses: Alt+Shift+'C' Adjust picture: KP 5 Flip picture menu: Shift+KP 5 Effects menu: 'E' Effects all off Shift+'E' Shade mode: F5 Shade menu: Shift+F5 Quick-shade mode: Ctl+F5 Quick-shade menu: Ctl+Shift+F5 Stencil mode: F6 Stencil menu: Shift+F6 Mask mode: Alt+F6 Mask menu: Alt+Shift+F6 Grid mode: 'G' Grid menu: Shift+'G' Grid view: Alt+Shift+'G' Sieve mode: Ctl+'G' Sieve menu: Ctl+Shift+'G' Invert Sieve: Ctl+Alt+'G' Colorize mode: F7 At opacity 10%: '1' At opacity 20%: '2' At opacity 30%: '3' At opacity 40%: '4' At opacity 50%: '5' At opacity 60%: '6' At opacity 70%: '7' At opacity 80%: '8' At opacity 90%: '9' At opacity 100%: '0' Colorize menu: Shift+F7 Smooth mode: F8 Smooth menu: Shift+F8 Smear mode: Alt+F8 Tiling mode: Alt+'B' Tiling menu: Alt+Shift+'B' Tilemap mode: None Tilemap menu: None Pick brush: 'B' Pick polyform brush: Ctl+'B' Restore brush: Shift+'B' Flip brush X: 'X' Flip brush Y: 'Y' 90° brush rotation: 'Z' 180° brush rotation: Shift+'Z' Stretch brush: 'S' Distort brush: Shift+'S' Outline brush: 'O' Nibble brush: Shift+'O' Double brush size: Shift+'H' Halve brush size: 'H' Double brush width: Shift+'X' Double brush height: Shift+'Y' Get brush colors: F11 Recolorize brush: F12 Rotate brush: 'W' Pipette: '`' Swap fore/back color:Shift+'`' Magnifier mode Toggle: 'M' or Mouse3 Zoom factor menu: Shift+'M' Zoom in: KP + or WheelUp Zoom in more: Shift+KP + or Shift+WheelUp Zoom out: KP - or WheelDown Zoom out more: Shift+KP - or Shift+WheelDown 1:1 (off) Ctl+'1' 2:1 Ctl+'2' 3:1 Ctl+'3' 4:1 Ctl+'4' 5:1 Ctl+'5' 6:1 Ctl+'6' 8:1 Ctl+'7' 10:1 Ctl+'8' 12:1 None 14:1 None 16:1 None 18:1 None 20:1 None Brush effects menu: Ctl+Alt+'B' Brush factory: None Repeat last script: None Run script #1: None Run script #2: None Run script #3: None Run script #4: None Run script #5: None Run script #6: None Run script #7: None Run script #8: None Run script #9: None Run script #10: None Text: 'T' Resolution menu: Return Safety resolution: Shift+Return Help: F1 Statistics: Shift+F1 Go to spare page: Tab Copy to spare page: Shift+Tab Save as: F2 Save: Shift+F2 Load: F3 Re-load: Shift+F3 Save brush: Ctl+F2 Load brush: Ctl+F3 Larger brush size: '.' Smaller brush size: ',' Settings: Shift+F10 Undo: 'U' Redo: Shift+'U' Kill page: Shift+Del Clear: Backspace Clear with BG color: Shift+Backspace Quit: 'Q' Palette menu: 'P' 2nd Palette menu: Shift+'P' Exclude colors menu: Ctl+'P' Scroll palette Back: PgUp Forward: PgDn Back faster: Shift+PgUp Forward faster: Shift+PgDn Change brush attachment Center : Ctl+KP 5 Top-left : Ctl+Home Top-right : Ctl+PgUp Bottom-left : Ctl+End Bottom-right: Ctl+PgDn Select foreground color Next : ']' Previous: '[' Select background color Next : Shift+']' Previous: Shift+'[' Select user-defined foreground color Next : '=' Previous: '-' Select user-defined background color Next : Shift+'=' Previous: Shift+'-' LAYERS / ANIMATION FRAMES Menu : Alt+Home Add new : Alt+Ins Duplicate : None Delete : Alt+Del Merge : Alt+End Move up : Alt+PgUp Move down : Alt+PgDn Select : 1 : None 2 : None 3 : None 4 : None 5 : None 6 : None 7 : None 8 : None Toggle : 1 : None 2 : None 3 : None 4 : None 5 : None 6 : None 7 : None 8 : None Go to first: None Go to previous: None Go to next: None Go to last: None Set duration: None